Biggest Fan? Hahaha!

This morning, Lenny the cameraman was clearing up the storeroom coz it’s full of props & some other random stuff. Then he found a pink photoframe with Mastura Ahmad’s photo inside (She was smiling cheerfully with a *peace* sign) and decided to dump it on my desk.

I joked to Ratna my colleague that “…skali Mastura Ahmad come to the office today & see the photo, she would think that I’m her biggest fan! sampai gambar pun ade! macam psycho! hahahaha!”

Joke joke joke.

Skali u know what, today afternoon, MASTURA AHMAD REALLY CAME TO THE OFFICE!!!

Really reallly!!! For some work stuff.

And um, yeah, I was a bit awestruck. Hehe.

Then she said hi to me, & so I actually told her about the photo & how it ended up being there. I also gave the photo back to her.

She just laughed it off. All the while Lenny was insisting to her that I actually had it there all along.

The whole thing is hilarious! It’s like my mulut masin or something. Like hello, what is the probability of my joke coming true right? (Not the psycho part la, the part about her popping up in the office.)

I wonder if she really thinks I’m her biggest fan.

Hahahehehuhu! LOL! :D


3 responses to “Biggest Fan? Hahaha!

  1. sha

    cute entry.. haha your mulot masin!! hahhaa but in a good way. tell me that hady mirza will come by my office today *for God knows what reasons* hehehe!

  2. mardhiah

    ive been mentioning taufik batisah but that hasn’t worked so far… heh

  3. ratz

    Mar, your mulut not masin enuf. Hah! Mention more Hady Mirza plsplsplsssss…hehehe

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