Sugar, sugar

[ UPDATED: Please read till end of post. ]

I read somewhere that donuts are one of the UN-healthiest food u can ever eat due to it’s high content of flour, oil & sugar.

Read: Deep fried

But the stomach doesn’t really listen to the mind or the facts when it’s hungry. So here I am eating sugar donuts & teh susu peng for breakfast. It’s deeeeelicious & filling. Unhealthy? U bet. :D

Food note aside, I received this early morning today.


(click to enlarge)


I find it pretty interesting actually. I’m always intrigued whenever someone – a non-Muslim to be exact, from another country, another world, is intrigued by photos of my style in flickr. Because how often do u see a lady in a hijab in the WR photostreams which consists of people worldwide? Sure, there’s me & nazz ashim & another one, but not very often. (I guess we are the ones who are perasan enough to put it up.)

I sometimes wonder what is in their minds when they see this hijab-clad girl in flickr, showing her sense of style to the world… So far I haven’t gotten any negative replies, even if they do have them I guess one wouldn’t be bold enough to write it down right. The good thing is that, they comment on the hijab as a whole ie, “ur hijab matches the outfit perfectly!”. which, of course, makes me feel good.

The fact that Brenda Ton from Kaboodle, USA, someone I don’t know personally, asked me to join the Kaboodle contest since I was wearing a sort of Spring dress, didn’t mind the hijab, also makes me feel good. *Feeling this on behalf of all Muslimahs worldwide*

It shows that the world is more open & accepting to the fact that Muslim ladies need to wear hijab, & choose to do so without being oppressed or forced. Alhamdulillah. We don’t have any problems of that in Singapore but look at riots pertaining the ban of hijabs in schools in France. With these issues constantly on the rise, it’s no wonder the hijab will always be the object of discussion everywhere, all the time.

The hijab is an obligation that requires a whole lot of commitment. If people begin to think of it as a fashion statement, that would be really sad.

Regarding that Kaboodle contest, I was looking through the photo gallery & I don’t see anyone with a hijab just yet. So I think I shall enter it for fun. Let’s be the sporting trendsetter here, no? After all, we’re all very unique individuals who like to stand out from the crowd right Huda? Hehe.

Besides the fact that u get to win a trip to New York & a $1,000 shopping spree (!!!), I’m just curious & excited to see how it goes. Please vote for me k people? :D

P.S: Pssst, $1,000 worth of shopping spree to be shared people ;)

UPDATED: Yesterday I replied to Brenda’s Flickr msg & this is what she replied:

Re: howdy!

  Hi Mardhiah!

I’m so sorry! I forgot to mention this earlier –the contest is open to all, but you won’t be eligible to win since you don’t reside in the states. You can still join us just for fun! :) A lot of our entrants are international, so I’m hoping to see your photo up soon!

Thanks so much for replying! You’re such a sweetie! ;)


So okay, can still join but cannot win. *_- Who knows maybe they’ll change their mind once they see my Spring picture. Hua hua hua…


6 responses to “Sugar, sugar

  1. ruqayyah

    i saw ur pictures~ oh u have some reaally pretty tops~
    i like the sporty+feminine outfit with the kotak-kotak scarf + denim skirt best. its sooo cute :D

  2. Huda Lee

    Go join! Show them what we’ve got. We’ve got style too!

  3. alfaqeer

    How to vote how to vote?

  4. mardy

    ruqayyah: thank you :)

    huda lee: yeah! butttt the last time i checked, the contest is open to US citizens only. chet.

    alfaqeer: i think u have to sign up first but anyways, don’t waste ur time since *refer to above*

  5. mdhilwan

    Wow! Thats cool! ^_^ Abt the US citizens part… maybe try emailing to Brenda abt it? Maybe she can help you work around it :)

    Yea you are right. Most non-muslim friends of mine are more then curious to find out about Muslims. Even some non-local clients who I have met were surprised when they found out im a Muslim. Some tot im Indian (lol) and some even thought im Chinese (huh??).

    From this Norweigian guy who I met, “You are a Muslim? Oh my God! A Muslim!”

    He is new in Singapore..

  6. simplymardy

    yeah replied her msg already. people think u Indian can understand la (lol) but chinese? hahaha oklah some chinese are very tan anyway.

    that Norwegian guy is surprisingly funny. he made it sound like “A Muslim” is a big celebrity like that. Or like u know when u spot an unknown package in an MRT and go like, “OMG! A ____ package!”

    U should reply back; “Oh my God! Yes I am!”*hands on cheeks*

    What did u reply back?

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