I have never watched a horror movie in cinema before until yesterday!

I had my shawl covering 3/4 of my face half the time. Near my eyes. Get ready to cover my eyes with it just in case “anything” pops up. Wahahahaha. Actually macam nak bawak bantal sekali tapi macam tak glamer kan. And I made sure I was sitting in the middle between my mum, uncle & cuz so that I can have 2 support system with me. Hee.

Aiyo don’t want to put the poster here lah. Scary.

Ok the background: The story starts out with a family heading out for a holiday at a kampung house the dad had bought. The thing is, he bought it over a year ago and had never been to the house. The house used to have some kind of ritual last time. So some things happen.

The verdict: There were a lot of scary moments, buat orang terkejut nak mampz, especially the sound effects kat cinema it’s like 10 times louder so it can make u jump out of ur chair. Suspense pun banyak.


The good thing is that both have totally different plots so the difference is apparent. But, JPB is scarier hands down.

Coz it’s the first one done by Ahmad Idham & so viewers didn’t know what to expect. There were some scenes which were similar to JPB, that if u had watched JPB u would know.

Still, not for the faint hearted lah this one. Sometimes u thought something is going to happen at this scene but it doesn’t & then unexpectedly happens at another scene.

What’s funny is that the whole cinema was like in unison. We screamed together, we laughed together (some funny moments), we covered our faces together, we also were anticipating the suspense together.

Funny how a movie, a horror movie to be exact, connects people. :)


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