Student of Life

Alrite today I had my first lesson for my Certificate in Islamic Banking & Finance (CIBF).

There were about 37 students in the class with very diverse backgrounds. Some from Engineering line, some from Banking line, some were Accounts Execs like me, some were still students. There were also some non-Muslims, but also some converts. Foreigners from India & also some Caucasians.

Some familiar faces in the class were – Bro Syah Iskandar from DA, Halida from the Trainer’s Workshop & also Neni, who was from NYP’s Banking & Finance. She just graduated. I used to sell her my year 1 books back then & discovered that she was also from Pasir Ris Sec! But she was one year my junior. Small world.

Today’s topic didn’t touch on the details of banking & finance but just the Introduction. Like where is Islamic Banking & Finance derived from, Laws of the Shari’ah, & how every aspect of Islam has to do with the economy. It was very enlightening. Except that some parts were deep & took some time for me to understand. But overall, I enjoyed my first lesson. Can’t wait for the second one. :)

The only drawback is that I already have an assignment! 3 pages of report explaining how to solve this particular case study using whatever that we’ve been taught today. I have 2 weeks to my next class. Eeeks! Back to being a student again…

Oh well. Mum is taking a Dip in Business Admin part-time while working. Wa salute sama ibu seh. I should be ashamed of myself if I complain. Nyehe.


3 responses to “Student of Life

  1. ruqayyah

    u kat level 4 eh?
    best eh best eh belajar hehe.
    part assignment tu… biasa lah.. :p

  2. yup kat level 4 – CIMS. u kat which level?

  3. ruqayyah

    level 3 =)
    tp kdg dpt peluang belajar kat lvl 4 CIMS jgk.
    suka lvl 4 ^^

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