Rock Chick!

Rock Guitar Cotton Tunic

(Fiddling with brother’s electric guitar – I didn’t even bother to connect it to the amplifier to make the shot seem more “real”.)

Made this dress a few weeks ago. It’s made of cotton & polyester so it’s very comfortable. I got the material from Spotlight when I fell in love with the guitar print.

My colleague Affini made my day with her compliment on this tunic in the morning. She also asked if I take orders. Hehe.

No I don’t take orders at the moment. I pretty much sew for fun. But maybe I should start, what say you? :)

Although, personally I feel it’s better to teach the kid to fish rather than getting the fisherman to fish for him every single day of his life. Anyways, I think sewing is one life-saving skill, on top of swimming & driving.

Anyone want to learn simple sewing from me? Say aye! :D


18 responses to “Rock Chick!

  1. Huda Lee

    Aye! I wanna learn!

  2. M H M

    Woah… Nice! Co0oo000o0oool~~~ ermm actually itu electric bass… Fender Precision Bass. Adik awak dah tukar main bass plak? what telah happen to his electric guitar?? hahaha..

  3. ruqayyah

    aye in a sort of a desperate, weak way. hahaha.
    i so wanna learn~
    esp aft. im married with kids hmmph. (insyaAllah kw ada umur, jodoh dan rezki~ hee)

  4. simplymardy

    Huda Lee, marliyana, ruqayyah: cool! and remember that time was it Maryam or Fyza? cooking lessons? hehe. :D

    M H M: chey. spoken from a true guitarist indeed. ntah eh haha i think swap ngan kawan die gaknye. or maybeeee i thought that one above is “the” electric guitar that i mentioned to u, but i didn’t know it was actually bass. :P

  5. amy

    aye!! me me!! Haha.. if open up a mini sewing class, call me aye!! i’ll be the first one to come! (macam betul je) :P

  6. simplymardy

    amy: really? macam betul ke macam bedek ni… hehe then u can teach me how u sew the orange curtains u did for ur room. :)

    ruqayyah please don’t say “desperate, aft married with kids” coz sewing sounds so not fun when mentioned like that. must say hip hip yummy mummy with adorable kids in tow learning how to sew! :D

  7. boo

    AYE AYE AYE!!! maybe you should start a class.. hahah! seriously, i find it sooooo hard to find long tunics that fits my body appropriately. -_-” the hands are always TOO big, lyk really big. then have to wear sleeve stockings which itch lyk mad once taken off.

  8. simplymardy

    u people are the best! actually i was merely playfully & thick-skinnedly suggesting… but it looks like i should really start a class! LOL! i’m more than willing to share but really, i also still have lots to learn.

  9. boo

    tak kisah. we learn together2 yok! :D

  10. auw, Mar.. boleh terangkat seh gitar tu….

    btw, i got a flair for sewing.. should link u up with Bro Fairuz, he has a tailor shop near Mjd Sultan.. Hanz Hilm

  11. simplymardy

    remy saye ni kecik bukan lembik~

    oh yeah I heard that Bro Fairuz can sew & has his own brand. maybe u ought to learn sewing from him.

  12. ruqayyah

    i mean i so desperately want to learn laaa
    waaah! 13 comments :D
    hot sey. hahaha.
    *cubit pipi mardy* sayaaaannng dia! *runs away* hehehe.

  13. alfaqeer

    ehhh this is sungguh lambat tapi i also want to learn! you cannot say you bedek only offer that because people really want to learn tau! *pressure pressure* heehee.

  14. simplymardy

    ruqayyah: hehehehe. sayaaaaaaang ruqayyah. *muah!*

    alfaqeer: hua hua hua… being thick-skinned is good sometimes. :D
    now lemme go prepare my sewing class syllabus…

  15. boo

    and we all hope to hear from you soon! ;)

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