Happy Mother’s Day ’08!

Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was totally dedicated to mother dearest. And a whole lot of girls day out.

It started with breakfast at McD with mum. (The brother was in la-la land as usual, & lil sis was supposed to join us but zonked out when she woke up at 10.30 am and decided that she wanted to wake up at 11 instead. PEMZ betul.)

At 2 pm we headed off to the Warna Hi-Tea @ Raffles Town Club.

Funny story in the beginning. We arrived 15 mins late so when we came in practically everyone kinda stared at us. Nek Jah, AB Sheik’s split personality radio character, went like *in his Nek Jah voice*, “Ni ape ni, jemaah lambat sampai, dah start pukul 2..” then he went, “Haaa ni si kecik ni meh ikut nenek naik stage Nek Jah bagi hadiah.” by now u should know that “si kecik” happens to be none other than yours truly. Out of all people, Nek Jah decided to “target” who else but “si kecik”.

It was embarrassing coz everyone was still pretty much looking at this piece of centre of attention. Then he followed me all the way to my table! Lucky after that he left me alone. It was pretty hilarious lah I was panicking like crazy already when he asked me to go up to the stage to do something. Erm hello? I’m not Ustazah Siti Norbahyah Mahmood u know. [ I’m only Siti Mardhiah Mahmood. Hey! I spot 2 similarities there! Ok ok back to the topic. ] He was joking lah but my aunt kept saying “Go la, go la then can get present!” Right. Thanks eh Makedah for being so sporting. :p

From left; My aunt in-law Cik Asiah, my grandma, mum, my 2 aunts Makmas & Makedah, & me. Thanks to Makmas who booked the tix for us & Makedah who persuaded Makmas to go! *MUAH* There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, I think they should also dedicate a “Aunt’s & Uncle’s Day”. Ok la I shall set a date for it, set? :)

Mothers Galore! Nenek; Mother of 5, Cik Asiah; Mother of 3, my mum; Mother of 3. I’m so happy to see them smiling. :)


So I didn’t grow 10 cm suddenly in a week neither did I result to wear 13-inch stiletto heels just to appear taller. When all else fails, there’s always the stairs.

Oh, highlights of the Hi-Tea was that Ustazah Siti Norbahyah gave a talk on this one topic for women who are married. For people like me, err, what to do but just listen & “educate” myself. Hehe. It was a women’s day event, so even the male deejays was *shoo-ed* out after they sang a song dedicating to the women in their lives – mainly their mum & their wives who are mothers.

[ Sidetrack sikit – u know I think a privatised-sisters-only blog would be very useful, as suggested by one Usrah sister, coz ehem, there are *some* things which can only be discussed *girls only* thank u very nice. ]

I LOVE the way Ustazah SNM presents. She’s very dynamic, funny, engages the crowd in, very stylish & is always up-to-date with the current trends & affairs. She also gave a talk after that at Sultan Mosque. She mentioned about skeptics saying Mother’s Day is haram. This was her reply.

Every year saya dapat soalan ni. Valentine’s Day tu memang haram sebab tu hari orang kafir sambut maksiat. Hari Ibu ni memang mesti hari-hari sambut Hari Ibu, tapi kalau ade satu hari dedicate khas untuk Ibu-ibu semua, ade Hi-Tea, buat ibu happy, buat ibu rasa seronok, apa salahnya?

Proceeded to have dinner at Zam Zam after that. One whole day spent with mum with lots of love & glam. :D


6 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day ’08!

  1. alfaqeer

    salam! omg you are really so kecik!! so cuuuuute! hahaha. how old are you?

    anyway darling, i want to organise a muslimah swimming day out tapi i don’t know anyone who has a membership at the muhammadiyah swimming pool place. do you know anyone? or do you know if there’s another muslimah swimming pool in singapore?

  2. simplymardy

    wassalam alfaqeer! bahahha! why thank u so much dahling! im 20 going on 21 (ok still denying the fact that i can say im 21 this year. im a late bloomer lah, december baby. and trust my mum to have a thing for fizzy 100 Plus while pregnant with me.)

    hmm i went there once coz my friend’s sister is a member there. so we only paid $5 each to swim as long as we like. it’s pretty small & cozy the swimming pool, & it’s 1.4m deep i think. but at least something. guys are strictly not allowed to go to that floor, which is the highest level. i heard of another muslimah swp in sg but i still need more info on the location n such.

    a muslimah swimming day would be really fun! we can have like Jameelah 3 or sth, anyone got contacts with the organisers? *oh no now im bouncing with excitement*

  3. alfaqeer

    hey you’re the same age as me! :)

    oh coooool. you think we could get her to go skali? because i know of muslimahs who are DYING to swim in a pool again!

    okay whats Jameelah 3? i’m jahil la puan. tolong ajar. haha.


  4. simplymardy

    i have to ask her, coz she’s a staff nurse so she’s pretty busy everytime. want to take leave also must take in advance.

    anyway Jameelah is, from what I’ve heard, an all muslimah event conducted by ____? (hah i don’t even know who r the organisers).

    the first one they had a night walk/night cycling, then the 2nd one was a health & beauty session, so the 3rd one can be swimming! ni asal boleh je suggest.. :D

  5. ruqayyah

    alfaqeer’s name is ameera. hehe.

  6. thanks ruqa. hehe i like to call the sister “alfaqeer” coz i don’t know ameera personally. and alfaqeer is pretty unique :)

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