Imagining Pink

it was love at first sight.

there it lay, the thai silk in the lightest shade of pink possible, amongst the racks of other beautiful dynamic, vibrant colors. the moment I saw it I could imagine it being made into a garment – a baby pink jubah. aah. what a beauty. now pink is not my favourite color but that fabric was just simply irresistable.

Do I add some sequins? Lace perhaps? Or maybe just make a plain one & wear a patterned hijab? Ribbons to the edges?

then i walked around and saw another love. an opaque pink chiffon-like material with little butterflies all over! complete! that imagination above quickly turned into another one whereby this pink chiffon with butterflies would be layered on the baby pink silk and made into, yes, another jubah. simply gorgeous.

It was so very tempting to buy those materials but fortunately my conscience was telling me that I still had heaps of materials at home yet to be sewn! Yikes!

Now excuse me while I go imagine some more. :D


7 responses to “Imagining Pink

  1. fyzaoh

    saye pun suuuker pink! i have kains also, havent jahit. saye ade cita-cita nak jahit semuer …. an yah man …my imagination on menjahit dresses started when i saw Princess Fiona’s green dress ..terus …viola! :D hippy happy weekend mardh!

  2. simplymardy

    saye pun ader cita-cita nak jahit semuer – DAN kain-kain yang saye teraaaaamat suke di kedai dan belum dibeli (dan TAKBOLEH dibeli sebelum kain yg di rumah belum habis dijahit) hahahahaha. happy weekend to u too fyza! :D

  3. ruqayyah

    do u do drapings or drapes; mardy?

  4. simplymardy

    nope i don’t. my mum does tho, u want to order ke? :P

  5. ruqayyah

    on clothes tau.
    i so love the work of rami from season 4 proj runway; tapi channel 5 belum air lagi. watch out for him tho =)

  6. Huda Lee

    Ahh…I love project runway too!

  7. simplymardy

    ruqa: ohh on clothes. i instantly thought of curtain drapings! haha nah i don’t do that yet. my sewing capabilities are still on the easy level. :D n yeah, Rami’s work is superb, especially the hershey’s challenge! who would’ve of thought of that seh?

    ruqa & huda: yeah me too! LOVE project runway!

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