Of People

[ Ok this is a revisited post. They say when u critic – 1 finger pointing at other people, u have 3 fingers pointing at yourself and here I am pointing 9 fingers to myself. Words are supplications of one’s soul. Let’s stick to gullible instead *hihi* ]


Why Erik, why did u have to be that gullible? Okay pity the dude a bit also la.


No he’s not my favourite but I can’t believe someone would actually fall for what the girls did to him! Silly guy. Lost a million dollars just because of some sweet honey from the manipulative queen bees. Oh well, it’s Survivor after all.




That aside, my primary school friend Daniel just added me in friendster. I honestly wonder if he remembers me (and my name perhaps) because yes I remember him and how he look-ED like back then. He looks so different now! Like okay, of course from primary school till now people change;


12.30 am:

OK – I just talked to him on msn! Cos I gave him a comment & he commented me back. Turns out he remembered me after all! He said he’s got “super memory”. Actually we have each other’s msn but never really talked. Oh yes anyway he looks really different now. Some people change but still look the same u know what i mean? But him, from this short, mousy, speckys boy to a somewhat ok lah, tall, kinda cute for a chinese guy. :D


I don’t think I will still be able to recognise him on the streets (because he has that err, familiar face look like other similar fair looking chinese guys) but I hope he will recognise me – so if I see this somewhat familiar looking chinese guy looking at me with a “she looks familiar but is she really that girl?” (chey step mane punye “that girl” hahaha lol) I hope it’ll be him.


We didn’t talk that long, but it was really nice to reconnect with a primary school friend. :)


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