Love Song

U know you’ve been cooped up in the office for too long when u go out & cringe a little coz ur eyes hurt when the blazing sun’s rays hit you.

Anyway I’m addicted to Sara Bereilles’ Love Song! So LOVEly. The videoclip is so cute & quirky.

Ok bye time to chao!


4 responses to “Love Song

  1. sha

    hi mar! love the song too! you should listen to ‘311 – Love Song’ and watch the video. it’s a newer version of an older song from the 80s *i think*.
    &it is pure LOVE!

  2. mardy

    ok i da watch it secretly in the office. (heh.) the song is pretty nice & laidback and i like the fact that they showed 50 First Dates nye movie in the background, sooo suweeeet!

  3. ruqayyah

    u also know that uve been cooped up in office a lot when your hair is dry!!
    do u notice that it is so if you stay in the aircon for too long? :(

  4. mardy

    usually i don’t have that problem but i do notice my lips become dry everytime i stay in the aircon for too long. coz i tend to drink lots of water. then need to apply & re-apply lip balm.

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