Ain’t just skin deep

“Ibu, I feel like dyeing my hair. What colour nice eh?”

Ibu: *immediately answers without any thought* Purple.

Right. Thanks mum. That, ladies & gentleman, is her sarcastic malas nak layan reply. Nak dye color orange ke, hot pink ke, rainbow ke.. Now imagine if I really go & dye my hair purple. Let’s see what she will really say about it. Heh.

Ibu, ibu…


Let’s ponder on this week’s usrah topic; Kecantikan untuk Wanita. Beauty for Women.

I think outer beauty is easy to achieve. Got pimples? Vanish them with pimple cream. Dark eye circles? Cover them with concealer. Dry skin? Hydrate skin with moisturiser. Nak slim down? Eat healthy & exercise regularly. Nak fatten up? Eat more & build up muscles. Want to have perfect skin? If u have the money (& don’t mind spending it), u can always go for facial or chemical peel or whatever certified treatments available in the market. 

But inner beauty, It shows in your action & words. No concealer to cover up that dirty character. No pimple cream to vanish those penyakit-penyakit hati overnight. No chemical to peel off that black spot in your heart. No amount of exercise to reduce those fats of sins except by exercising one’s soul.

Anyways. We had fun talking about beauty products, taking care of your skin, hair.. & some continuation over last 2 week’s usrah topic on cleanliness. Ruqayyah our house dentist shared on how to take good care of your teeth :)

From left; Solehah, Marliyana, Ruqayyah, Fadzillah, Liyana, Shikin, Maryam, Mardh.

Without flash. Look at Liyana’s expression ngan tasbih. Hilarious lah ok! :P

Bedok Reservoir people Rule! [ ni quote curi dari Ruqayyah’s blog :D ]

Ok the next mixed gender usrah will be on Penyakit-penyakit Hati. Illnesses of the Heart. InsyaAllah.


6 responses to “Ain’t just skin deep

  1. fadzillah


    lawalahh gambar.
    hehe. =p

    i am soooo going to take it.

  2. mardy

    tengok la siape yang amik.. mak aku jugak.. hehe :P

  3. ruqayyah

    muke dah penat lagi adeee. :p:p

  4. alfaqeer

    ehhhhh i also nak usrahhhhh?

  5. simplymardy

    sure babe, it’s every fornightly & goes like this – 2 weeks of sisters usrah, & 1 week of mixed gender usrah, and the cycle goes on like that. will update on the next usrah (which will be a mixed gender one) when it’s confirmed aite. or u can always ask ruqayyah also hehe.

  6. alfaqeer

    yay! i feel so kaypoh but never mind. end days are near. i need all the help i can get! haha. so exciting!

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