Month #5


Although Siti Aisyah, Siti Khadijah, Siti Muthi’ah semua berSiti, tapi saye tak berape suke dipanggil hanya Siti sahaja. At least call la Siti Mardhiah ke.

(Only my grandpa calls me Siti. And he is an exception.)

Anyways, since it’s coming to the 5th month of 2008, let’s look at what I’ve been doing/ how productive I’ve been these past 4 months.

January. Started work as an Accounts Exec. Attended NI’s first sister’s usrah on Resolution. And then the second on Sisterhood. Took my BTT & failed. Went to Nusms Night Cycling. Start attending Tafsir Class. Covered iBe, an Internet Business workshop for BH. Girls Night out at Marina Square with the sec sch geng. Test climb at Climb Asia with Rufi & Wanis. Poly girls outing at Vivo.

February. Gave my room a makeover. Work starts to pile-up. Sister’s usrah on Ciri-Ciri Wanita Solehah. Checked out Amy’s design showcase. Went swimming with my sister. Visit Khairani Aznor’s shop at BB. Climbing. Met syah after work to survey laptop & chill out. Covered Bicara Bisnes on 2nd Chance owner, Salleh Marican.

March. Met up with Aishah Banu. Rollerblading at ECP. Attended Trainer’s workshop. Dinner with Dy. Went to IT show, bought my laptop. Ajak my cousins for outdoor climbing at Yishun Safra. Body Shop Warehouse Sale – Almost lost my wallet. Girls Day out with Hazwani & Wanis. Sewed my guitar dress. Covered Bicara Bisnes on It’s Just Lunch owner, Anisa Hassan. Mixed usrah on Uncertainties of Death.

April. Celebrated mum’s & makmas’s birthday with a Royals’ Mango cake. Sha’s bbq bday chalet cum sec sch girls reunion. Airport dates. Got lost in Macritchie otw to Bukit Timah with the nypmsn sisters. Tafsir class starts on Surah An-Nisaa as tafsir on surah Ali Imran ends. Got my wisdom tooth extracted. Sisters usrah on Kebersihan untuk Wanita. Car ride & Dinner at Arnold’s with the sec sch geng. Test climb at X-Asia.

Phew. Ok now that I listed most of it down, I feel pretty satisfied & happy! ;) But definitely more to come & more to do, insyaAllah. I also always have to remind myself that Life is what you do with it & the grass is always greener on the other side. If not, one will never be contented with their own life.

May. Welcomed the new month by cleaning my house & to An-Nahdhah for majlis Istighatsah. Oh yeah, now on my 5th month of work. Finished reading Ayat-Ayat Cinta the novel. (Yup, altho I think the movie is nice, it is very disappointing compared to the book’s beautiful words & impressions. Should treat the movie & the book separately.)

Upcoming – May – Today’s sisters usrah on Kecantikan untuk Wanita. Nypmsn Alumnis & Current & Newbies meet. There’s a Climbing Clinic by Saff @ Yishun Safra for anyone & everyone. And it’s free! It’s on 17 May, Saturday 9.30 am – 2 pm. If ure free, u should come! Enjoy punyer!

Upcoming – June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec – Stay Tuned! :D

Actually this was inspired by Karen Cheng’s post on Personal Goals – May 2008.


8 responses to “Month #5

  1. ruqayyah

    i shall come to the climbing clinic to exercise my spiderman skills hehe. (mcm kenal je spiderman saff :p :p)

  2. Nur Hafizah H

    i go crazy when ppl type my name as ‘Fizah’. if nak type, type full as ‘Hafizah’. if i refer myself as ‘Fiza’, then ‘Fiza’ it is! actually its just me being petty – like who doesnt know that kan? huahuahuahuahuahuahua!!

    anyway …u’ve lead a wonderful life. mcm everrr-ready up and go!

    and i read ur blog religiously taw. cuma tak comment sbb ..sbb baru ku paham erti makna tagboard ..ehehek! but i dun like tagboard cos i like my comments to be etched forever with my post (so that 20 years down the road, i still know who commented what on which post..unlike tagboard).

    omg, i am blogging at ur comment box ..haha! boring lah mardh ..saturday ginik ada exam duty ..suarh betol . .. sesiapa yang kasi beta exam duty on sat tuh patut kena pancung kefala ..bencheee bencheeeeeeeeee!!

    actually kan, just the other day i told sq that i want to do some wall climbing (bukan rock eh, walllll) ..then sq suggest ask you. actually jugak kan, i takot height. and i hate wearing sports gears…so …rimas gitukan. haiz …sudah lah fiza …batal kan niat tuh ..hahaha!!

    ok bye mardh! take care okies! hippy-happy weeekend yo!!

  3. Nur Hafizah H

    eh eh ..wall climbing ..cham spiderwoman! *hands on hips* with cloaks flying at the back. where panty outside one ..eeeeee heehee!

  4. simplymardy

    ruqayyah: spiderman saff? haha rings a bell. lol :P

    Nur Hafizah H: yuh! omg i think i am petty too. I also don’t like ppl calling me “yaya” which is what only my family can call me. and i get very irritated when people write my name without my middle H! i mean, yahla, lain makna like that, from huruf “dha” to hurul “dal”. *crosses arms*

    oh! abt the “cos i like my comments to be etched forever with my post” – ya hor! i didn’t think of that. i like comments box coz u can type more words. takpelah fyza, kite pun kat tempat keje jugak. susah tau nak bangun pagi keje hari saturday. so mendak like that.

    u takut heights all the more u should go! must conquer ur fear babe – and have fun at the same time! ajak sq skali~ alrite happy weekends to you too! :D

    eh, spiderman mane ade cloak fyza… tu batman & superman la..

  5. salaam

    hello SITI! ha,ha.. ya aler.. fiza pun nak step glamour ke? =P

    by the way, im waiting with anticipation for the NYPMS alumni meet.. u going right? its after saff’s climbing clinic.

    You should encourage your visitors to sign up for an AVATAR so when they leave comments, their faces will appear..

    check out:

    on another note, do pray for sis Khad.. dia tgh chicken pox kat syria

    aite c u arnd


  6. ruqayyah

    ehem; kwn kte amek exam eh on that sat fiza haha.

  7. simplymardy

    remy: tak klakar eh siti.. siti..

    yup2 insyaAllah I’ll be going for the NYPMS alumni meet. But for now duno yet if i’m going to the climbg clinic or not coz i’m working that saturday.

    oh dear, sis Khad tgh down with chickenpox? insyaAllah will pray for her fast recovery, thanks for informing! w’salam.

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