Hello May!

It’s May! A brand new month, 5th month of the year.

Besides the fact that the usrah sisters are coming tmr, I decided to indulge in some springcleaning and some clothes-folding. I’m happy. My mum is especially happy. She even indirectly complimented me, “Bersihnye bilik ni…” thanks mum! *muah!*

My dad used to go “Ni kawan nak datang baru rajin…” back during sec sch times school holidays when my girlfriends came over for an in-house movie (No popcorns, but jam & me cooked spaghetti with our at-that-time mediocre cooking skills. It turned out great anyway, yum!).

I like keeping my house clean & tidy but sometimes the amount of housework that needs to be done can be overwhelming – especially if nobody else is helping. I think I should adopt some of Fyza’s sifat-sifat mulia, who derives pleasure from doing household chores – sempat angan2 nyanyi2 kat jendela, heh. ;)

Which reminds me, hello people, any in-house movies anytime sooooon? I miss those times. No, not the kental part, but our semangat kekentalan watching Final Destination. We kept screaming & covering our faces with pillows 90% of the time coz there were so many gory scenes.

Not forgetting watching Exorcist & some other horror movies at Ain’s house! We were damn scared, but still wanted to watch. At last nak balik rumah pun takut. Cheap thrill habes. 

Oh, and I got mistaken for being a 16-year old today. *kembang moment, I like* Alhamdulillah, dianugerahkan this youthfulness olehNya, tapi it can be taken away any moment so jangan lupa membasahi muka & tubuh badan dengan wudhuk selalu. :)

[According to scientific research, wudhuk has been proven to cure a lot of ilnesses, including high blood pressure and even stroke. In the research also states how amazing it is that the arrangement is as it is – eg hands first, and then mouth and so on – because washing some parts of your body before or after others can cause negative health effects. So amazing huh, kuasa Allah? Everything fits in so well with one another.]


2 responses to “Hello May!

  1. ruqayyah

    hehe insyaAllah see you tonight mar!

  2. simplymardy

    see you! :)

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