Life’s Company

Car Ride to Arnold’s Pasir Ris. Guess who’s driving. ;)

The next day went to test out the new climbing place, X-Asia. It’s supposedly near to my work place coz it’s located at Enterprise Hub, but turned to be quite far, had to take 2 buses to get there since there’s a flyover in between.

Rate X-Asia, out of 5 stars:


Accessibility: 2/5

–    Industrial location, only 1 accessible bus. Nearest shopping mall IMM, nearest mosque; Al-Mukminin.

–    How to go: Take bus service 183 from Jurong East interchange. Alight when u see Enterprise Hub.


Wall: 4.5/5

–    Only indoor Top Rope walls, there is no boulder wall. Like Mini Camp 5.


Price: 3/5

–    Non-members – Student $10, Adults $12

–    Members – Student $5, Adults $7 (Membership fee $30.00)

–    Rental: Harness – $2.00, Belaying device – $4.00


Conclusion: Good for lead climbing & training, but more accessible if u have a vehicle. [ Please seek expert’s opinion for more accurate review k ;) ]


The funny thing was that the guy in-charge – cute, suntanned, early to mid-twenties, were not convinced that we’re both working adults! He charged us $10 each student price, according to him he gave discount for us since it just opened, and up till the time we were going off he actually asked us this:


 CSG (Cute Suntanned Guy): U guys are Year 1?

 Us: *looks at him in shock*

 CSG: *try again* Year 2? Year 3?

 Wanis: Oh, ah, just graduated. (hey, almost 1 year is still considered “just” right? I mean, hey, we did  mention that we were working adults, but he just didn’t buy it)

 CSG: So what’s next?

 Wanis: Working lor… (padehal working already! lol!)

 CSG: Not continuing studies?

 Me: Yeah… Actually now waiting for uni results..

 CSG: Okay all the best! :)


After filling in some admin matters and saying our goodbyes, we went off. 


Both of us could not help feeling very very perasan and flattered after that okay! HAHAHA. What a morale booster. Lol! :D


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