Reconnecting with Nature

Semangat kekentalan hiking, starring:

The goal – Hike from Macritichie to Bukit Timah.

So err, did we manage to complete our mission? Sadly, no. We kept getting lost in circles otw to Bukit Timah. There were less signages and directions available, it was like, haa, kau nak adventure into Bukit Timah sangat kan? Haa, ambik kau.. go & figure it out yourselves.

We still kept tawaf-ing, despite having a compass, coz there were so many different routes! We tried some of them, still failed. U know what’s the best thing about it? The route is just in front of us, saying “PICK ME, PICK ME!” we just didn’t know which one. At the time. Maybe He wants to test us, like He always does.

Looking at the sunny side, we actually discovered paths that we never ventured out before! Like did u know, there is this part of Singapore in Macritchie which looks like a paddy field? Yeah, I know, the house seems pretty spooky. Like it just walked out of a horror movie & decided to visit Macritchie. For all u know, Mas Selamat could’ve been inside there.

We were *still* at Macritchie by the time it was Zuhur so we took our wudhuk here;

Fresh water galore! And prayed at Jelutong Tower, which was really cool, it was windy and calming. It was one of those moments where u wish time would stand still and let u capture those moments forever. So since we didn’t manage to complete our mission, we actually stumbled into this couple who were otw out, they took a shortcut that we never knew about.

So many things discovered and learned while getting lost. The irony – & beauty – of it all. :) Pictures!

PS: In case u’re wondering, we are *still* as determined as ever to complete our mission. So stay tuned for part 2! Siape2 yang nak join is very much welcomed.

Other places to go to, insyaAllah in the future:

  • Pulau Ubin
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Jurong Bird Park

Read how Amy wrote about this – very cool! The tables have turned, now she’s the journalist. ;)


2 responses to “Reconnecting with Nature

  1. ruqayyah

    so coool :)

  2. mardhiah

    yeah it was very cool indeed :)

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