I met this Chinese lady at MI (that’s short for Masjid Istiqamah) yesterday and we yada yada yada away despite knowing each other for a few seconds. Hah. Some people, you can just connect within minutes of knowing each other. Some, u know them for so many years already but still, no chemistry at all.

It was in the wudhuk area;

After introducing ourselves, I couldn’t help wanting to ask this question;

Me: Are you Chinese? Or mixed? (She’s very fair, in her late 30s, wears a jilbab, and I saw that she comes every week, she has this calmness about her, I had been wanting to talk to her but haven’t had a chance)

She: Oh yeap I’m Chinese, I was adopted by a Malay family back then. U know la, dulu2 things like this were common..

Me: Oh icic. *Amused* So did u manage to find ur birth parents? (Ok immediately after I asked this question I felt that maybe I was being insensitive, mane la tau, orang tanak share personal things like this..)

She: I actually did once u know, did a search, but something happened. *Pauses* (At this time I thought she was going to stop coz it might be revealing too much info, but she continued,) sadly according to their Feng Shui, if I find my dad, either one of us will die. Me or him. So I stop the search, don’t want to disturb their beliefs. But it’s okay la.

Me: Oh. *Speechless, shocked, amused* Hmm. Well, as long as u’re okay & happy, they’re happy, then okay right?

She: Yeah that’s right. *smiles*

Then she solat beside me and also asked if I wanted to go to level 1 with her to listen to the ceramah.

There. A friend made in the battlefield of embracing Islam. :)


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