Cool, Collected & Clean

Today’s sisters usrah on “Cleanliness for Women”, @ Ruqayyah’s house has got to be one of the most *FUN!* sisters’ usrahs! Actually the topic is just like a guide like that coz we usually end up talking about *other* girl things as well. Haha, typical typical. This is where guys would most prolly shake their heads in unison. Orang party kite pun party jugak tau! Muslimah style~

Ok next up will be sisters usrah too before the mixed gender one. So fun! Saye suke sangat sangat sisters usrah! Such LOVE! :D

Then I went back to my granny’s house after that and my granny was watching this Tilawah Interactive show on RTM, where callers can call and recite verses from the Quran and the Ustaz will give his comments on how he fared and how u can improve it.

Now, my granny, she joins in the criticism as well – part ni, mak oooi, nombor satu, “Tu die baca patutnya panjang tapi pendek..” etc etc, so I asked her why don’t she join it and get the Ustaz to comment?

Her reply was, “Taknaklah, takut, nanti Ustaz tu komen.”

Hahahahaha cute lah u nek. So I replied, “Wah nenek suke kritik, tapi nak baca depan Ustaz takut…”

She just laughed it off coz she *knows* she shouldn’t be criticising the participants when she’s too scared herself too enter. This goes the same for watching Indon dramas. My sister summarises it best, “Kakyaya, DON’T EVER WATCH DRAMA HIKMAH WITH NENEK. Nanti u yang stress.”

Because why? My granny will go, “HISH geram nye aku! Sepak kan muke si jahat ni!”

Out of all Indon drama series, I like IKHLAS the best! Sebab.. ade Teuku Ryan, cool and collected. ;)


3 responses to “Cool, Collected & Clean

  1. ruqayyah

    hiya~ decided to reply to you here =)
    im not sure its in what language… tp this one is not Habib ‘Umar.. he is Syeikh Afeefuddin El-Geylani; descendant of wali-u-Allah, al-arif-biLLAH Syeih Abdul Qodir el-Jeylani. and according to someone, Syeikh Afeefuddin lives in KL. so maybe he can speak Malay even :D

  2. ruqayyah

    but i think the official language of the seminar will be in English :)

  3. simplymardy

    wow. thanks ruqayyah. I think, & I hope, it will be in English since there are 4 speakers of different ethnicity & racial backgrounds. Malay ke English ke Arabic ke Rojak ke, it’ll be interesting for sure! :)

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