Love Notes

The love story that’s got everyone talking.

I’ve not read the novel by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy yet, but I thought the movie portrayed the plot very well altho u can spot some loopholes here and there.

I flew all the way to Indonesia  went to someone’s multiply to watch the movie. heek! the whole thing is there. It’s a really beautiful movie to watch, if you’re into this kind of love stories. like me. bah.

Dakwah wise, yeah I think they did a good job too, considering the many who want to watch it to learn more about Islam, BUT of course, you cannot escape the underlying reality that the actors are non-muhrim and one scene where Fahri explains to the journalist about the limitations between Muslim women and men kind of contradicts the whole thing.

But, it is just a movie and I think the funniest scene has got to be the part where Fahri’s first wife Aisha calls him to go into her room and as he was about to go in, Maria his second wife calls him to go into her room. Yang mane satu nak pilih? Hahaha.. :p

What touched me the most is Maria’s LOVE towards Islam although she’s Christian. It makes you think of how u, as a born-Muslim, sometimes are not even close to that. Kinda puts you to shame, no?

Then I found the novel online in pdf version and am reading it since I’ve finished one assignment and need a break, but sssh! don’t tell my bos!

Anyway sha’s random entry is hilarious! Do u know that a chicken who just lost its head can run the length of a football field before dropping dead? No head can still run huh? LOL! :D


2 responses to “Love Notes

  1. Salaam dear sis! ^_^

    Yups! Citer dia best eh! I read the novel from lib first, pastu sukeee nah sgt sampai diy beli bukunya skali. Buat kenang-kenangan hehe.

    Hmm I haven’t watched the movie though. Heard from some that it’s abit disappointing and much different from the original.. so was quite scared of spoiling the really pleasant image I have in mind abt the characters. =D

    But after reading ur entry.. guess I should give it a try. :)

  2. simplymardy

    W’salam Diyana!

    Yeah actually, I haven’t finished reading the book yet but usually, if a movie is from a book the book is ALWAYS better.

    Loopholes in the movie that I saw is that the scenes jumped from one to another quickly. Like, u know, when Noura found her parents, I thought the scene was very shortcut.

    But I kinda understood the movie plot and scenes. So it was okay, I like it. Maybe u should just watch it and compare contrast, for the fun of it. :)

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