The Koran

ZOO! Haidar & Az went to the zoo to recce for a tv show. nak ikut! nak ikut! boring la stay kat office for one whole day.

anyways, Az bought this book;

The Koran by N.J. Dawood (translation), published by Penguin Books

She bought it at BORDERS. not Muslimedia, not at Darul Arqam, but BORDERS.

I mentioned that if she can find this at Borders, she can surely find the Holy Bible there too, while Haidar mentioned the book’s credibility.

I have mixed feelings about it tho. While it is weird and not nice to refer to it as a book from the shelf (altho it is a translation & not the real thing), come on now, The Quran is more significant than that, but if it is able to reach people worldwide, Muslims & non-Muslims alike – (over 8 million copies sold!)

Especially Muslims who claim that they segan to go to places like Muslimedia or DA in fear of being called “alim” or “wah.. si XX dah nak taubat..” by their friends, then why not?

Just make sure to get the facts & translations right.

Reviews from Amazon here


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