Just now I met up with Fadz & her manager, *explain abt plan; bla bla bla..* then,

He asked if I am involved in any extreme sports like wakeboarding or rockclimbing etc, so I said yeah, rockclimbing, and he obviously was expecting a NO, because his face changed 360 degrees.

“Huh? Really ah? But u… But u.. ”

*apparently at a loss for words probably thinking that this pint-sized lady in her headscarf couldn’t possibly be indulging herself in that kind of sport*

So I replied my usual excuse me, don’t stereotype size, don’t judge a book by its cover ok..

Then I asked him if he does any kind of sports and he said no. So I said.. “Ooooh that’s why la u don’t know..” (the feeling). Anyway he’s nice & funny. No offence whatsoever. Haha.

He didn’t finish his sentence so I don’t know which part he was shocked of; it’s either the headscarf or my size. (Or me in general. Maybe I don’t look sportsy enough – of which I’ve been told once thank u very much.)

I think definitely not the headscarf part coz society is more accepting of that, but I guess when u put small size & headscarf & climbing together, it’s a totally different, (and to them it’s amusing) story altogether. Interesting eh?

It really is a lot of fun to watch people’s reactions when I mention I do rockclimbing as a hobby. (As a hobby, leisure, non-competitive.. doesn’t matter how good u are, yg penting u wanna cultivate being involved in sports or some kind of recreation from a young age to keep ur mind and body active.)

Because they are always shocked. Hahaha.

At first it was very irritating, it’s like they’re underestimating me like that, (HAHA whatever lah mard.. hello, kecik-kecik cili padi k) but it’s becoming fun and I’m liking it! Coz I get to *shock* people. *rubs hands in glee*

And what is *more* FUN! is that from what I see, there are definitely more muslimah climbers now than 3 years ago when wanis & me started berjinak-jinak climbing during our poly years (or maybe more of which I’m more aware of).

In the end it doesn’t matter what kind of sport u indulge in.. But making it enjoyable and being consistent in indulging urself in the sport. Gaya hidup sihat babes.. ;)

Like these ladies over here;

Etti Hendrawati, Rockclimbing, Asian X-Games

Robina Muqim, Somalia, Short-distance runner, Olympics 2004

Rania Elwani, Egypt, one of the world’s fastest short distance swimmers.

Andrea Armstrong, Basketball, University of South Florida. She’s the only one in her team with a hijab.

U can read up about them here. I’m sure there are more all over the world, it’s very inspiring to read about them sebab best kan! bagi motivation! =D


2 responses to “Pint-sized.

  1. Ratz

    Hey Mard

    I used to do lots of outdoors when I was younger. Dat explains y I’m so bulat right now, the muscles have turned into fats! haha~ Lost touch already. Furthermore, since dah start kerja (esp such crazy hrs here!!!), I don’t really have much time to spare for such activities. And all my outdoor kakis are bz with work too. Haiz~ So next time if u planning on hiking, trekking, climbing, bla bla bla~~ Ajak lah kite skali. But on non-filming season pls. Heh..

  2. simplymardy

    Hey Ratz,

    Cool~ will do will do insyaAllah ye :D [padehal talk to u in the office already heh]

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