Somehow I feel more at peace blogging here as compared to blogspot. Maybe coz I don’t feel the pressure of conforming to expectations of others. Hmm.

I like WordPress’s format. It’s easier in the eyes – blue, light blues and greys compared to blogger’s orange and dark blue format. While I would have found these colors dull then, they are now more appealing to me coz I want my words to speak more than the blog design. Now I find the orange a tad too bright – maybe I’m growing old? – but nah, I still want to get those Red Converse Chucks I’ve been eyeing.

What also appeals to me for WordPress is that it’s very tech-idiot proof. While blogging requires you to be a bit knowledgeable, to say the least, about html codes. But then again, I’m a *bit* more knowledgeable about html codes now than I was back then so a little tweaking here and there wouldn’t be that big a problem.

(If I do tweak here tweak there and still run into the same ol’ problem, there’s always remy or hilwan. right guys? you’ll come to the *design* rescue, yes? pardon me people, this is just me being thick-skinned.)

I’m not going to put up a tagboard here because I actually find myself looking forward for tags too much! So much so that my main purpose of blogging is gone.

And, I am embarking on new journeys – no, not marriage yet eh please – rather, new phases in life, new things to be learned and discovered, new worlds to be explored, new everything! So might as well start now.

Was thinking of cutting my hair spunky like Agyness Deyn’s brown cropped edgy hairstyle but I’m not too sure if I can carry the look. Nevertheless, another thing I want to do is to dye my hair – Revlon has Halal certified hair dyes, I just discovered this from Diana while shopping around at West Mall yesterday.

Change, is good coz life is not meant to be stagnant. Ever.


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