Making things easier

I have just gotten back from Tafsir class @ Istiqamah Mosque. Due to the peak hours jam at PIE, I arrived later and since it was impossible to reach Istiqamah on time, decided to do my Maghrib & jemaah Isyak at En-Naeem first. Oh how I love the architecture and peacefulness of being in that mosque! Such tranquility.  

And so proceeded to class and met Nurul, along with her sister Izzah, Wanis & Aina! Yey ade kakis gi tafsir class woohoo! Best! When you wanna do good things, He makes it easier for you.

Dulu when I first knew of the class, I wanted to go. but, very BIG challenge no. 1: GOL & GINCU was being aired every Tuesday nights! Waduh! Guess which one I chose. 10 points for you if u get it right!(sorry no present, cume skrg awak tahu yang mardhiah ni gila crite G&G – esp sebab ade Ashraf Sinclair *drools*) 

So now since the series has ended, I’ve been going ever since. Might have missed 1 or 2 due to unforseen circumstances, *uhuk-uhuk*. Alhamdulillah. (Bukan nak riak, tapi cume nak keep track sebab kalau tak keep track, sikap “M” akan menjelma – kalau awak pandai silalah teka.)

At first pergi sorang. Then Wanis nak join. Then Nurul ikut! Then Aina also! Just now she was with her mum. U see, if you really wanna do something good, insyaAllah He will make it easier for you.

If you wanna do something bad, the syaitans & nafs start being your friends. Are you sure you want that? Because the more you let them get as close to you as possible, the harder it is to break free from them.

Oh, and I also stumbled into Diana from NurIkhwan otw home! She was otw back from taking her driving lessons.

Kata nak pegi Istiqamah mosque.. mestilah Istiqamah (Consistent) kan? 


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