I am experimenting wordpress due to the overwhelming popularity of blogspot.

Or rather, messiness. I’m not so much of a tech geek (altho I did get all *excited* during my visit to Challenger the other day to get my wireless notebook adapter,) I’m more of a book geek thank you very much.

Anyways, besides that, I want change. I’m pretty overwhelmed with a lot of things right now that I feel suffocated merely by thinking about it. Or maybe, this whole thing is new to me, very very new therefore I don’t know how to handle them just yet. I’m a late bloomer, I really am. I’m only starting to experience these things now, when my friends have gone through it so many donkey years ago. Ok, not donkey, how about camel?

U see, a camel is slow but it builds up credibility by being able to store water for long periods of time and having extremely long eyelashes that protects them from the desert sand whereas a donkey just follows without thinking and remains that forever.

Oh no, I’m not referring to anybody as donkeys (altho a few people come to mind at the mention of it, sadly), it is merely an animal to animal comparison to life.

Which one would you rather be? The donkey or the camel?

Ok maybe this comparison is totally irrelevant. But it does have a point if u read between the lines.

Sometimes I do feel like keeping a blog private, but then again, I have to remind myself not to be carried away and treat a blog as a diary because it really is not. It can be hacked for all I know so everything stated here must be things that are OK to be exposed. It’s a journal, for me at least. A journal contains memorable events and information that is meant to be shared. Besides, privatising it would be a hindrance for some friends who don’t have blogger/wordpress accounts.

And, what better way to market yourself and your skills in this technophobe world! Blogging. Having a say. Making yourself heard. Using the internet as a tool. Aah, the wonders of technology.


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